Attention: Town of Jacksboro, TN

To: TN Secretary of State Tre Hargett; Director of Communications, Julia Bruck

The Town of Jacksboro in Campbell County has an election on 04/03/2021, one day later than is stated on the Secretary of State’s website and Election Calendar.

Organize Tennessee prioritizes the protection of voters and for this reason, we are urging you to correct this error on the Election Calendar for 2021. Voters rely on accurate information to register, request a ballot, and vote whether by absentee ballot or in person. Without accurate information, voters have a harder time during the electoral process, or worse, neglect to vote at all. As Tennesseeans, we have a duty to ensure that every voter has accurate and reliable information for every single election.

We urge the Secretary of State’s Office to correct this error as soon as possible. In addition, we request that all constituents in the town of Jacksboro be notified about the error, as well as the correction made, by mail or by phone, and on all the digital platforms the office uses. Lastly, Organize Tennessee recommends improving the editing and reviewing process for the Election Calendar and addressing the updated process publicly to help reestablish trust between the public and official TN government websites.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Organize Tennessee

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